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Thread: cleaning the rocky

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    cleaning the rocky

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    hello to all
    grindz--as antone tried this product to go through the grinder and clean it up
    i still read about putting 1 minute rice through but i wont do that

    my rocky gets *used 6 times a day and i cant get into stripping it down and cleaning it just cant do it often enough

    any thoughts please(not on my laziness)
    cheers * * brian

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    Re: cleaning the rocky

    I have a review of Grindz on my website. I rested it on a Rocky, and the review shows before and after pics. It works as advertised.

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    Re: cleaning the rocky

    The grindz may clean the burrs but a fair bit of gunk builds up inside the burr area and the only way to clean in out is take the hopper off and remove the top burr carrier, I usually did this every few weeks, I then placed a cloth to stop grinds going into the body of rocky and using my air compressor to gently blast out all of the built up grinds, all this only took me 10 minutes.

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    Re: cleaning the rocky

    I would recommend that Rocky be disassembled as seldom as possible. The threads of the upper burr carrier are loose even when new, and every disassembly wears them further. better to adjust maybe 1/2 turn more coarse and blow the machine out completely with high-force compressed air. That does not hurt anything and will get out as much of the loose crud as necessary (wear eye protection!!). Removing the hopper will allow access to the rest if you want to pick out the crud that builds in the center of the lower burr carrier.

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    Re: cleaning the rocky

    Using the old vacuum lid trick pumped up and down after each grind helps to get a lot of the grinds out. Not perfect by any means, but seems to extend the time between more thorough cleaning.

    As far as the top burr carrier being/becoming loose, a few winds of plumbers tape around the thread keeps it nice and snug.

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