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Thread: Time to start grinding properly

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    Time to start grinding properly

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Gday all,

    Ive always thought of myself as fairly knowlegable when it comes to coffee, but realised how little I really knew over the last week, as I completed two espresso courses at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne (highly recommended btw). For the last year Ive been achieving inconsistent grinds which eventuate in poor coffee out of a relatively good espresso machine (Kitchenaid Artisan), due to using one of those shitty little blade grinders. As a result of learning better at the espresso course, Ive decided to invest in a proper burr grinder, but have found myself overwhelmed by the sheer number of products on the marketplace. My family is what I would consider light to medium use (20-25 coffees a week out of the machine) and as such I would want to keep the price away from the exhorbitant end of the scale, although Im open for all sorts of suggestions.

    So, what should I start looking at?


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    Re: Time to start grinding properly

    Gday Pete,

    Theres a very large body of discussions in this forum over the pros and cons of the various grinders out there. Id suggest perusing the posts here as a starting point.

    Or you could get all of the upgraditus out of your system right away and just buy one of these babys. :)

    Java "Hhhmmm...Grinder envy!" phile

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    Re: Time to start grinding properly

    thanks for the advice - Ive been perusing most of the day and am torn between a cheaper grinder and lashing out on a Rocky - the little fella seems to come VERY highly regarded in these forums.

    Ahh if only it wasnt my beer money that I had to save for the grinder with......

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