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Thread: Rocky/Lucy grinder chute with flap

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    Rocky/Lucy grinder chute with flap

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    Cleaning out the grinds from my Lucy is not particularly easy (tried the Click Clack lid) so Im thinking of making a chute with a flap on it that can be lifted up. Then one can use a brush to get the grinds out. Ive seen a similar one fashioned out of sheet metal on the web. What thoughts and opinions do people have? Is there any downside to this mod? Maybe you could get your fingers in too far, OUCH?

    Andrew. :)

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    Re: Rocky/Lucy grinder chute with flap

    Sorry to be negative :( but I think you still wouldnt get all the grinds out, unless you can remove the rectangular rubber thingy (the chute holds it in place on my Rocky) as there is about a teaspoon full that get stuck behind it, and you would then need to be able to get something between the body and the bit that the rubber thing goes into, otherwise the leftovers would fall into the body and Im not sure whether they would go all the way through to the holes in the base.

    I have cut a couple of strips of velcro (needs refinement, but works for now) and can remove the spout and rubber bit for a good clean out as often as I need to *(usually when I change bean) I also use the click-clack after every grind to get most of of the leftovers out of the chute. :)

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