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Thread: Genuine Zassenhaus?

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    Genuine Zassenhaus?

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    I just purchased a Zassenhaus manual grinder from e####. It does have the Zassenhaus sticker on the front and looks quite well built. Is there anyway to determine its authenticity?

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    Re: Genuine Zassenhaus?

    If it grinds well then it probably is or if it grinds well does it matter :) Is there an engraved Zassenhaus on the handle as well (my old one has this) ?

    Got a photo of yours?

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    Re: Genuine Zassenhaus?

    Good to see some other enthusiasts of manual grinders out there.

    If it is used, some of them have the German word for forged stamped on the base, indicating forged steel burrs, apparently they are the best ones (they were made in several factories).

    If it is new, check if there is any play in the shaft from the crank, if there is significant play, then you may get an uneven grind. If that is the case then it is probably a furfie.

    Basically if you can grind even, and fine enough to block up your machine then theres a good chance it is genuine, in my opinion.

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