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Thread: gaggia mm

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    gaggia mm

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just bought this for plunger/syphon @ work.

    Found that the on/off switch doesnt stay "on". You need to hold it down. Is this normal?

    Im also getting a huge grind variation on the coarsest setting....any tips or was this a rash decision?

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    Re: gaggia mm

    I used to own one of these and yes, you have to hold the On button in while grinding.

    I got variation in ground size on any setting. The "burrs" crush the bean instead of cutting. Dont expect much from it, but it should be OK for plunger.

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    Re: gaggia mm

    Unfortunately, Id say it was a rash decision. Even for plunger, it will not be very good since the dust it produces makes for a lot of bitterness.

    I modified mine by replacing the push on switch with a rocker switch which at least allowed me to let it grind in another room to escape the noise but I no longer use it at all.

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