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Thread: AN age old question...

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    AN age old question...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi EVeryone
    I guess you are all wondering what happened with my coffee grinder! Well, I cam to buy one and the wife had a little episode as we couldnt really afford it....BUT I can now say I am going to buy a Rancilio Rocky.

    As I live in SYdney, does anyone know of any stores online or otherwise which has them at the best price?

    ALso, I use a gaggia classic...what setting is provides the best grind for this machine...roughly given the grind changes depending on the bean?


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    Re: AN age old question...


    Coffee Philosophy sells them , they are in the Strand Arcade in the city , I think if you have your mind set on the rocky you might as well buy it from a shop , you might save 20-30 dollars looking around but youll probably spend more time mucking around .

    If however you want to get into the good books with your wife you might consider a lux or an iberital grinder which if you are just using it in a home situation should be more than enough , to tell you the truth you could save 100-150 dollars and get the same results .

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    Re: AN age old question...

    Or, you might try one of our sponsors on the left of the page here.


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    Re: AN age old question...

    Coffee Philosophy in the strand has a special on at present, doser or doserless available for $360. Best price I could find, I just got one! Good luck.


    if you are going to do as Paul suggests, my Saeco MC 2002 is in good nick, and still works well. drop me a line if interested.

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