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Thread: rancilio rocky doser question

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    rancilio rocky doser question

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    hi all,
    i just got my rancilio rocky doser model, an upgrade from my gaggia mm (and what an upgrade).
    are there any tips to using the rocky? especialy the doser. how do you guys use it when making single/double shots in any one sitting without creating to much wastage?

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    Re: rancilio rocky doser question

    Personally, I use the long bean scoop that I think came with the Rocky.
    I put two full scoops of beans in my hopper for each double shot. I dont do singles.

    I grind (IE: turn on rocky and get other things ready whilst it grinds into doser) and I dont load the PF until all grinding is done.

    I have done the sweeper mod and also have removed the small steel plate

    I then usually brush it out at the end of the day.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: rancilio rocky doser question

    I do it a little differently.

    firstly, do the sweeper mod and remove the steel plate as fatboy mentioned. Its a snap to do and it makes life much easier. (4 clicks to empty the doser for a double as opposed to 12 without it, and a much cleaner doser)

    I keep the beans in the hopper. When I grind, I hit the grind switch and remove the lid of the doser so I can see the coffee come out. I watch how full the little compartment gets to judge how much coffee has been ground. When im grinding a double (most of the time) I advance the doser to the next compartment when the first one is full. When the 2nd one is full, i stop the grind. I can then dose, tamp and pull.

    The size of the compartments is such that I need to overfill them to get the PF full on my Silvia. It takes a bit of practice to know how much to overfill. Once you get the hang of it, its pretty straight forward.

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    Re: rancilio rocky doser question

    Hey guys,

    The main reason why I went with the doserless is cause Id seen that the dosing star didnt actually touch the bottom of the grinder. Have any of yall added electrical tape sweepers?



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    Re: rancilio rocky doser question

    Yep, added the tape and everything was good. Almost no grinds left in the bottom of the doser. Cant recommend it highly enough.

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