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Thread: Mazzer Mini Grind Adjustment

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    Mazzer Mini Grind Adjustment

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    When adjusting the grinder setting on my Mazzer Mini, should the adjustment be made only when the machine is running or it doesnt matter whether the motor is on or off.

    Some people advocate that the machine must be on while changing grind setting but what would be the rationale behind this ?

    Any thought ??

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    Re: Mazzer Mini Grind Adjustment

    I think its so you dont jam the teeth of the burrs together and then turn it on and strip the metal, but not 100% sure. When Im making tiny adjustments I dont bother, but Id be curious as to what actual 9if any) damage is occuring...

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    Re: Mazzer Mini Grind Adjustment

    I dont believe you can jam the teeth together, theyre designed with that in mind.

    If youre making huge adjustments going finer while its off, it may not spin when turned back on. best to do those with it on. Small adjustments should be ok though. One of the pro baristas around here might advocate otherwise.

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    Re: Mazzer Mini Grind Adjustment

    Hi caffett and welcome to CS!

    The recommendation to adjust grinders while they are running serves a couple of purposes.

    Some coffee grounds remain between the burrs and if adjusted whilst stationary, are crushed between the teeth, and havea tendency to get stuck between the teeth (just as sesame seeds seem to be attracted to even the most minute spaces between my teeth).

    The other reason is that if the burr plates are stationary and pressed down against each other while adjusting, theres a risk of first, not sensing that they are indeed touching, and secondly, damaging the burrs. The plates are designed so that they flow over each other when in motion and you can hear them touch if adjustint to super fine when the motor is running.

    So I guess ideally, you should adjust with the motor running, though micro adjustments in the espresso range probably dont have any effect on the burrs.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Mazzer Mini Grind Adjustment

    Thanks guys for the info.

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