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Thread: Opinions on La Boema Commercial Grinder?

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    Opinions on La Boema Commercial Grinder?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Folks
    Am considering this grinder on Ebay, for home...any opinions or would this be too big for making 3 cups a day?

    Any opinions on the brand/model?

    mod edit- eBay link removed as per site sales and posting policy

    thanks tony

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    Re: Opinions on La Boema Commercial Grinder?

    Think it would just be a rebadged Gino rossi (if it is a boema) they are workhorses and designed for commercial use. If you dont mind the size and wanted to do a few mods it would be fine for your use. (depending on price)

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    Re: Opinions on La Boema Commercial Grinder?

    I have one too, it does (did) seem to generate a fair amount of static within the dosing chamber. It also seems to throw the grinds hard to the right (looking at it).

    I have modded mine to a doserless funnel (sort of) chute and also included a little bit of metal to make the grinds fall to the middle.
    This has seemed to redude the static in mine.

    I use it every day now to do about 4-6 coffees a day. i dont use the bean hopper, toss them in the throat and grind em up.

    seems to make good coffee, factor in a new set of burrs in the pricing.....

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