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Thread: Adjusting & grinding with K3 Touch

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    Adjusting & grinding with K3 Touch

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    A couple of questions about adjusting & grinding with my new K3 Touch.

    I read somewhere you should only adjust the grind when the grinder is running (grinding)... is this correct? Does this mean adjusting without the grinder running will damage the burrs?

    Also I have been loading the hopper on a grind by grind basis - and grinding out the remaining couple of beans before releasing the hopper gate to allow the next load into the burrs... will grinding without beans damage the burrs?

    Apart from a few design quirks I am loving this grinder. Results in the cup have been great and my pours have dramatically improved.

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    Re: Adjusting & grinding with K3 Touch

    This recent thread should answer your question about adjustments while running.

    Cannot imagine how grinding without beans would damange the burrs. Your method sounds pretty good to me.

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