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Thread: Anyone have a broken Sunbeam EM0450 or EM0480 grinder?

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    Anyone have a broken Sunbeam EM0450 or EM0480 grinder?

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    Just wondering if anyone has a sunbeam grinder which no longer works.. after spare parts. The part Im specifically after is the sweeper paddle bit which spins with the lower burrs. Managed to break the paddles when cleaning the chute with a bottle brush and power left on and accidentally hit the grind button. Plastic paddles vs bottle brush... bottle brush wins!

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    Re: Anyone have a broken Sunbeam EM0450 or EM0480 grinder?

    The paddle is not a spare part as you no doubt have figured out.

    I did the same to mine but a nice man at Sunbeam went through their bin and found me one and sent it out to me.

    I suggest you try sweet talking Sunbeam.

    Play dumb; let them tell you its not a "spare and ask what they suggest you do.
    With any luck theyll suggest what youre hoping for.

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