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Thread: How loud is your Sunbeam 0480

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    How loud is your Sunbeam 0480

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    Hi there,

    Just wondering how loud your Sunbeam 0480 is, and if mine is louder than usual. I dont have a decibel meter, but its somewhere between my drill and my angle grinder, probably closer to the angle grinder in the morning after a bottle of red (consumed the night before not that morning). ouch.


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    Re: How loud is your Sunbeam 0480

    Loud enough that my 4 yo son covers his ears in the next room. Theres more than one good reason to upgrade.

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    Re: How loud is your Sunbeam 0480


    well, loud...

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    Re: How loud is your Sunbeam 0480

    very loud, but it does the job well enough... and i dont have money just yet to get a mazzer mini or anything haha...

    once i get my graduate engineering job... welcome to upgrade town... I had a laugh

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    Re: How loud is your Sunbeam 0480

    Mine is very 3 1/2 yo yells "too noisy" from the next room every time I use it. Mind you Im disturbing his Play School or Ben 10 session so I can understand his frustration.

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    Re: How loud is your Sunbeam 0480

    As loud as a toddler with a megaphone

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