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Thread: Grinder help please

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    Grinder help please

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    Hi, im thinking of buying a "Enzo mini macho " grinder. The amount of info i can find on the net is not much. Does anyone on here own one of these? do they have stepped or stepless adjustments? *:(

    Thanks guys,

    Here is a pic of the grinder: ::)

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    Re: Grinder help please

    Gday Anu,
    these are a re-badged La Pavoni PGC grinder, so if you do some searches using that name, youll probably have better luck.
    According to a web site I found, they have stepless adjustment.
    All the best,

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    Re: Grinder help please

    I have a cimbali branded version.
    They have the tre-spade conical burr set.

    deffinately stepless as there is a worm drive that positions the top burr.

    similar internals to Isomac, innova i2 & i-mini, iscaso i2, Iberital mc2, Trespade, Lelit, Nemox, 38mm outer, 27mm inner burr.

    some static and clumping when dosing straight into the handle and the plastic paddle that you push against will snap for sure (i had to modify mine)

    Made in italy

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    Re: Grinder help please

    Hi dazza,

    thanks for the info. How do you find this grinder? any pros or cons? They sell for NZ $340 over here.

    thanks, anu

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