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Thread: How often should I clean my Grinder?

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    How often should I clean my Grinder?

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    hey guys, i finally got myself a grinder... the good ol Rocky Doser model! :) yay! but just a question... how often is this sort of cleaning (on the sites mentioned before) needed? once a week or once a month? i would imagine stale coffee would hang around a bit...

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    Re: How often should I clean my Grinder?

    I personally do a clean like this every month, or if i go away for a while ill do it upon return, i clean as much as i can get to every time i use it though with a brush, especially the chute!


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    Re: How often should I clean my Grinder?

    I always brush mine and make sure the chute is pretty clean, but generally take it apart and do a full on clean maybe once a month or more.

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