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Thread: Grinder for Ikon - EM0480 or Kyocera Hand grinder?

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    Grinder for Ikon - EM0480 or Kyocera Hand grinder?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have an electric screwdriver so the Kyocera ($100) can be semi-automatic, so this makes the convenience factor closer. *Which produces a better grind though does anybody know? *

    Also, sorry I had a laugh, but Im not really willing to stretch for a rocky right now - I know thats a sin *;D. * I havent seent any good second-hand deals here or on ebay either but would definitely be willing to spring on a decent deal if something came up.

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    Re: Grinder for Ikon - EM0480 or Kyocera Hand grinder?

    Hmm interesting idea putting a screwdriver on the kyocera, I think it would be a bit of a toss up in terms of grind quality (I have never used the sunbeam so I cant really comment).

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    Re: Grinder for Ikon - EM0480 or Kyocera Hand grinder?

    I just found this in the reviews section:

    Quote Originally Posted by 2324202F272D38282F26410 link=1163235531/24#24 date=1243916049
    I have been using this grinder for a few weeks in tandem with a Zassenhaus Grinder as a comparison. Grind consistancy at Syphon, Drip or Plunger size is every bit as good.

    Where this grinder comes into its own is one the fine end of the spectrum. At its finest settings it will totally clog an espresso machine and grinds more than fine enough for Turkish Coffee. Consistency is excellent and far better than any other Hand operated Grinder I have used and better than the Ibiteral Challenge or Ascaso I Mini electrics.

    Its sounding like this does a better job than the sunbeam? *Id love to hear from someone whos tried both.

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    Re: Grinder for Ikon - EM0480 or Kyocera Hand grinder?

    Hi Adrian,

    Ive used the EM0480 a bit but not the Kyocera. Everyone raves about the latter as a hand-grinders go. How fast does the electric screwdriver run the Kyocera? Id be somewhat worried about the grind quality going down as the RPM goes up. As long as the grinds come out without having been heated noticeably I guess itd be okay.

    If youre not willing to spend money on a great grinder yet (and I can understand that!), Id go for the Kyocera and put the extra $100 you saved in your "my next grinder fund"! When upgraditis hits, and it will, youll appreciate it.

    Give it a year, youll probably be surprised at what you consider a reasonable price to pay for grinder/machine! :P


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    Re: Grinder for Ikon - EM0480 or Kyocera Hand grinder?

    Ive used both.

    However I can no longer do a side by side comparison as Ive recently sold the Sunbeam.

    I havent used the Kyocera much yet as I have no need to use it regularly; I bought it to replace the Sunbeam for travelling.

    The Sunbeam is noisy and messy.
    The Kyocera is not.

    The SB retains grinds.
    The Kyocera does not.

    The Sunbeam grinds faster.

    The particle size of the Kyocera grind seems more consistent than that of the SB.

    The Kyocera is cheaper.

    For travelling, the Kyocera is smaller and lighter than the SB.

    If you are willing to spend the time grinding with the Kyocera, it will produce a grind good enough for an espresso machine.

    The choice is yours.

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