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Thread: De Longhi KG100/EM0480

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    De Longhi KG100/EM0480

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    I was gifted a KG100 for my wedding a while back. Recently I purchased an EM6910, that came with the 0480. Now I COULD just sell the sunbeam new in box, but have been unable to find a concise comparo between the two grinders to validate doing so.

    Some say (not a Stig quote) that the KG100 is not capable enough in terms of fineness the 58mm baskets the 6910 apparently requires!

    Any ideas/recommendations folks.

    Or do I sell them both and get something rather special!

    Topendbean out...for the morn anywho!

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    Re: De Longhi KG100/EM0480

    Sell em both! Start with a Rocky and climb onwards depeding on your budget. Be one of the few to save significant $ by upgrading once only. What a great challenge!

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    Re: De Longhi KG100/EM0480

    Some say that he eats KG100s for breakfast.

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    Re: De Longhi KG100/EM0480

    FWIW I had a KG100 when I bought my 6910 two years ago. I can confirm that I was not able to grind fine enough for good espresso. There are mods you can do to the KG100 which improve the situation, but mine has now been relegated to the caravan to grind for an Aeropress, which it does very well. From what I hear, the 0480 is much more capable. Im actually using an Isomac now, but there are a lot of posts about the 0480 suggesting it is an OK entry level grinder.

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