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Thread: Plunger grind on mazzer mini

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    Plunger grind on mazzer mini

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    Hi - need some help re mazzer mini setting for plunger. Ive roasted some beans as Xmas presents - some of my friends only have a plunger. On my mini, the beans work well for espresso at the zero mark. Can someone give me an idea roughly how many notches to move mini from the espresso point to suit a plunger.


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    Re: Plunger grind on mazzer mini

    Mate - the best way is to move it and grind a little on the fingers and just see whether the average size is JUST over the size of the filter screens holes...and there you have it. My Super Jolly varies around just under the 4 mark most of the time and I go 4.5 for plunger usually which allows some small amount of sediment but maximises taste...5 is the biggest I go.


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