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Thread: Grinding with Rocky for Sylvia --> clumps

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    Grinding with Rocky for Sylvia --> clumps

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    Hi Snobs,

    I have been playing with my new Sylvia and DL rocky for a week now and it didnt take long to find a grind setting that worked well with my dosing and tamping.
    The setting seems a bit coarser than most of what Ive read (12-16 depending on the beans... Zero point on my Rocky - burrs touching lightly - is surprisingly 0). Anyway, the ground coffee comes out into the portafilter as clumps, rather than loose. The clumps are the size of small peas. Ive read about this being due to grinding too fine but any coarser results in shots that progress way too fast. Im tamping with ~15 kg of force.
    I dose by filling the basket roughly level, tapping on the bench to settle the grinds, then overfilling, leveling with my finger and then tamp. One thing I find is that clumps of coffee tend to roll off the PF and get wasted...
    I wonder if the clumping might affect the distribution of coffee in the basket and lead to more channeling in the flow?
    Can excess residue in the chute perhaps slow down the coffee so it starts to clump?

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Grinding with Rocky for Sylvia --> clumps

    Hi FJ,

    I wouldnt worry about the clumping too much or the setting on your particular Rocky..... there is a lot of variation in actual zero on these machines, usually in the -ve region. Mine for example zeros in at minus 3.

    Clumping can be caused by a number of factors other than how fine the grind setting is, e.g. higher than usual humidity, the oil content of the beans, and the list goes on... so I wouldnt worry about it too much. The main thing is that you are getting good distribution in the basket, pours in the right flow rate of 25-30 seconds, there is plenty of of fine, viscous crema and you are happy with the resulting flavour. All else is superfluous ;),


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    Re: Grinding with Rocky for Sylvia --> clumps

    Second Mals post. The clumps are not solid, and will pack down and blend into the consistency of the rest of the coffee once the tamper is applied. The water will penetrate through them rather than around them.

    I find that in most cases, the presence of clumping satisfies me the grind is good. The opposite would be shards of ground coffee ricocheting onto the bench.


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    Re: Grinding with Rocky for Sylvia --> clumps


    I dont particularly worry about it. The results are good and the fact that I get no lightening of the flow till the end of the alloted time... 25-28s, means the flow is permeating the puck quite well.



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    Re: Grinding with Rocky for Sylvia --> clumps

    Relative humidity and static electricity are common causes. Theres a lot of friction involved with grinding coffee so its not very surprising.

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