Hi all,

I was keeping an eye on evilBay and managed to score a great deal on this grinder. It was poorly listed - described as "MAX coffee grinder" - but Im fairly certain its a Wega Max 6.4 which is simply a re-badged Compak K6. Can anyone confirm this?

Its pretty beaten up - looks like its had a hard life so far - but seems to do a great job.

The silly thing is, Im overseas at the moment, so its in the capable hands of my housemate (and his VBM) until April. Nothing like an auction to inspire impulse buying!

Id love to hear any tips on getting the best out of a grinder like this in a home environment. I hear a lot of people suggesting taking the finger-guard off. How and why?

Also, is the silly mounted tamper able to be removed?

Lastly, is there a definitive way to tell when burrs need replacing? ie. will there be symptoms in the ground coffee or the extractions, or is it simply a case of looking at them?

Any tips appreciated.

edit: forgot to mention, my Ascaso i1 is now up for sale! See it in the for sale section, or click the link in my signature...