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Thread: Anyone know about Boema grinders?

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    Anyone know about Boema grinders?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey guys,
    I have been offered a Boema AG1A grinder, I cant find much info on them, so I was wondering if anyone can help.
    I am looking around $350, this one is $300 second hand.
    Are they a good grinder?
    If not what should I look at.
    I was looking at the Iberital Challenge or Isomac Granmacinino, both new around $350mark
    Its for espresso.
    Any info would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Anyone know about Boema grinders?

    The boema grinders are normally re-barged gino rossi grinders

    Not sure about the origins of this model as its the current model & its doserless

    I say look and test it first if possible but its worth every cent


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    Re: Anyone know about Boema grinders?

    I believe there are doser and doserless versions of this grinder. Looks pretty much like the Gino Rossi RR45.

    Have you seen the grinder in the flesh? As KK points out you really want to see and test. If all is good then it will be a much better quality grinder than the consumer ones youre looking at.

    Just keep in mind the size of the commercial grinders much taller and bigger footprint compared to the Isomac & Ibertal.

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    Re: Anyone know about Boema grinders?

    looks to be a rossi rr45

    i just sold one that i used for 6+ months here at home, would have been a least 5 years old (more?).

    they are everywhere and seem to be the "lower budget" option for many shops. mine was OK, a massive step up from other smaller grinders i have used.

    it had static issues where the grinds stick to the doser a bit, i made a small deflector out of a bit of tin can and it cured it.

    thats a fair price for one in good condition, but you seem them in poor condition go for a lot less $$$

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