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Thread: Anyone heard of a Ce Tipo or Le Tipo grinder?

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    Anyone heard of a Ce Tipo or Le Tipo grinder?

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    Has anybody ever heard of a grinder with the brand name Ce Tipo or Le Tipo?
    If so, are they any good? *What do they cost approx? *Are they domestic or commercial?

    Appreciate any help.

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    Re: Anyone heard of a Ce Tipo or Le Tipo grind

    Ok Ill take a quick stab at this!

    Apologies if I am barking up the wrong tree but you could be mistaking some of the jargon on the manufacturers compliance plate or sticker for a brand or model name...?

    For example,

    a) The letters "CE" are (from I dont need to take any notice of european regulations here in Oz) an approval code that means the appliance meets the electrical standards of the EEC (European Union). These two letters stand they are not followed by any number code or anything. CE, is just CE! You will (or should) find this on just about every electrical appliance that comes out of the European Union these days and has nothing to do with brand names or models;


    b) "Tipo" is Italian for "Type" which refers to the model type of the appliance. The word could be followed by a series of numbers prefixed with a couple of letters or something denoting the specific model type. This doesnt necessarily refer to a common model name. For example, a common model name such as a "rocky" grinder, could have a number of variants (eg 2 different models the "doser less" and "doser", and for any given market, variants that operate say with different voltages). The grinders are commonly called Rocky grinders, but they may well have any number of different identifying model codes..referred to as the "type".

    rocky doserless 240Volts 50/60hz Aust market
    rocky doser 240Volts 50/60hz Aust market
    rocky doserless 110Volts 50 hz US market
    rocky doser 110Volts 50 hz US market

    By the way I am just using this as an easy example...for all I know, this manufacturer might be using *exactly the same code or "Tipo" to identify all rocky variants....Ive never looked!

    And after all of that, hope this helps and that I am not barking up the wrong tree.

    Very many commercial espresso coffee grinders do not have a visible brand name or model written on them anywhere...only having a compliance plate on the bottom somewhere with a few short electrical specs and code numbers marked. So you could be looking at a commercial grinder that is commonly seen in this market...that might be easily recognized by someone in the industry.

    The easiest thing would be for you to post a photo of the thing.


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