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Thread: How to know when to replace burrs?

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    How to know when to replace burrs?

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    Hi all,

    I did search for an answer so if there is an existing thread on this, i apologise.

    I was just wondering how you can tell if burrs need replacing just by looking at them? (ie, not by how fine they are grinding). I want to try an eliminate problems in a compak k8 i have as to why its grinding so coarse. If the burrs are worn i will replace them but if its something else wrong with it then ill have to investigate further.

    Thanks in advance...


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    Re: How to know when to replace burrs?

    Hi Mischa,

    See this post towards the end -I also have a K8 and asked the same question !:

    To see what the other CS posters are talking about, have the look at the photos here:

    On my K8 (an older model with the stepped ajustment) I can screw the blades right down until they touch, effectively grinding fine enouigh to choke my machines - even with worn blades.

    There may be coffee gunk preventing you adjust the grinder fine enough.

    So when you inspect the blades, give everything a really good clean so you can adjust the blades so they touch, then back off a few notches and try a grind.


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    Re: How to know when to replace burrs?

    Thanks for that reply, those links were very helpful. My burrs are not sharp at all, i can push my finger onto the outside hard and run it along the edge of the burrs without feeling much I had a laugh... never mind slicing some nail off.

    however i tried what you said and put it all the way to the bottom and voila, it grinds properly! although its right at the end of the adjustment so i suppose i should replace the burrs anyway.

    Thanks again

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    Re: How to know when to replace burrs?

    Glad it worked Mischa !

    Shop around for burrs (see Sponsors links) and youll have better coffee in the cup Im sure! (I havent got new burrs in mine yet but will try and get genuine Compak.)

    Youre welcome.

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    Re: How to know when to replace burrs?

    How old is the machine - or better still how many kg of beans would you say its ground?

    The manual for the K3 recommends the following:

    NOTE: Based on extensive experience and a medium-hard
    coffee blend, we recommend replacing the burrs after grinding
    300 Kg/660 Lb of coffee.

    In my case I grind 1kg in 10 days so my burrs should last around eight years. ;D

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