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Thread: Kyocera Hand Grinder

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    Kyocera Hand Grinder

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    Got a Kyocera grinder today. Impressive little thing. My first attempt at using it with a setting of about quarter of a turn from the finest setting produced a grind that chocked my machine ;D

    For those of you who are using this grinder, what sort of a setting are you using it on?



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    Re: Kyocera Hand Grinder

    Hi Darren,

    yep great grinder for Espresso there is a 220 entry thread on them here :)

    The grind setting you are looking for is the one that suits your machine, tamp and dose to give the best shot :D This is one of these how long is a piece of string questions as it varies from bean to bean and from one end of the bag to the other. ;)

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    Re: Kyocera Hand Grinder

    Hi Darren,

    I use my Kyocera only for the Aeropress and my grind setting is 5 clicks out from fully in, for want of a better description. This gives a grind a bit coarser than I use with Rocky for Silvia.
    If your grind setting choked your machine, grind coarser till it doesnt.
    Youve got to sacrifice a bit of coffee mate.
    Good luck.


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