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Thread: Budget grinders, which one?

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    Budget grinders, which one?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Before anyone yells, go to thread XXX.
    Ive done a fair bit of searching and could not find exactly what i was looking for.
    now with that clear.. here we go.

    I have a Presso machina, and up to now ive been using the kyocera hand grinder.
    Problem is it is starting to annoy me having to do it manually, so after a trip to the coffee roaster, he recommended the breville MCG450.
    I managed to score one for a VERY good price.

    for my low end coffee making
    Is the breville ok? would the sunbeam be any better for $100 more?

    PS: i havent used the breville yet, and i can sell it for the same money I paid, if i need to.


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    Re: Budget grinders, which one?

    The Kyocera will grind better than the appliance you have just got so get your $ back would be my call. Whats wrong with while the kettle is boiling grind the beans with the hand grinder and enjoy the serenity I reckon ;)

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    Re: Budget grinders, which one?

    Others may know better, but I hear the Breville isnt up to it whereas the Sunbeam, which I have, can do the job if youre lucky enough to get a good one.

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    Re: Budget grinders, which one?

    Why didnt you take the Presso to the roaster and have him prove the Breville was adequate for the job?

    Maybe you still can.

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    Re: Budget grinders, which one?

    it was just a recommendation from him.
    I did not buy the grinder from him.
    I havent tried using the breville for the presso yet. I wanted to get feedback on whether it was worth keeping or not.

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