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Thread: Cunill Space model Coffee Grinder

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    Cunill Space model Coffee Grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi there evryone, Im looking for some comments good and bad about this machine, Cunill Space model Coffee Grinder. Its made in Spain, its up fpr auction on ebay.

    Thanks in advance Smarty

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    Re: Cunill Space model Coffee Grinder

    Cheap and cheerful commercial grinder. The stepped adjustment irritated me when I use a cunill grinder in a cafe a few years ago. I remember the doser not sweeping out particularly well, but you could fix that with some tape. As far as grinders go, Ive always thought that Cunill sets new lows for ugliness!

    Truth be told, any commercial grinder is probably going to last a lifetime in a home environment, but whether or not youll like it is another question. Expect to have to buy new burrs and dont pay more than you would for a second-hand rocky.

    Hope that helps!

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