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Thread: Help with Rocky grind for Bezera BZ02

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    Help with Rocky grind for Bezera BZ02

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    HI there. Just got my new Rancilio Rocky to go with my Bezera and a bit perplexed as to where to go. I had a livia machine for 7 years and have always had good equipment so I know what a good shot is. Ive been winding the grind finer and finer and am at about 5 now. Was trying to get the grind fine enough for a 25-30sec shot through a double basket. The grinder is grinding fine enough, no doubt about that and Im nearly down to talcum powder. The tamp is solid and has a good polish but she still pours out in 15 seconds? The coffee is nice, and getting reasonable crema but not where I should be yet. The coffee was decent about setting 10 but was coming out too fast, and the finer I make it, its still coming out at the same rate but down around setting 5 its starting to taste a little bitter. I saw a youtube thing on how you keep making the setting finer and finer until you get to about 30 seconds, and they were on about setting 12. I have good quality fresh coffee which I have used for some years from a local roaster. Anyone have any ideas. Im sure the equipment and the coffee is fine.

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    Re: Help with Rocky grind for Bezera BZ02

    Hi fender,

    The numbers on the Rocky are just that. One persons Rocky may display 3 when the blades touch (true zero) and someone else -5.
    You probably need to find that point first before the numbers mean anything to someone on this forum.

    On my Rocky I find that 6 above the true zero point is about right for most beans in a double basket.
    Flow rate is determined by the grind size and dose. The finer the grind and higher the dose the slower the flow. Courser grind and lower dose the slower the flow.

    Hope this helps

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