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Thread: nemox grinder

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    nemox grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I am looking at buying a nemox grinder. Does anybody have any feedback on them? It is my first grinder purchase

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    Re: nemox grinder

    They are a great entry level grinder. Attilio (fresh_coffee) of Cosmorex- a site sponsor can look after you for this grinder. You will receive great service and a highly competitive price 8-).


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    Re: nemox grinder

    Hi Jason, and welcome :)

    I have a nemox grinder and Im quite satisfied with it, but if I were going to buy a new grinder in the same price range I would probably take a serious look at the Ibertal Challenge grinder. Through these forums I read that the Ibertal Challenge has stepless adjustment, which is a huge plus for a grinder under $300. Im sure one of the site sponsors can give you more info about them.

    The new Sunbeam grinder seems to be as good as the nemox (according to most reports about it on this site) and $50 - $90 cheaper.

    The thing I dont like about the nemox is that a single grind setting adjustment is not quite fine enough of a difference for use with my Silvia. ie on some days, with some beans, one setting may be just too fine and the very next setting up will be just a bit too coarse. This may of course be more of a problem with Silvia than with other more forgiving machines.

    Hope that helps.



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    Re: nemox grinder

    Yup for the same price, the challenge is the better machine.

    Same grinding burrs, much more solid construction, better adjusting mechanism (& stepless if you so desire).

    Weve replaced the the one with the other in our range, and the stock is good right now!


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    Re: nemox grinder

    I too have a Lux grinder with a Silvia and have the same problem of sometimes the "ideal" setting being between two of the set positions - just wondering if there are any issues with using this grinder at a setting between two stops, that is with the locking mechanism not engaged in one of the holes. I have heard about removing the locking spring/locking mechanism entirely but have been told that if you do this you have to hold the hopper when grinding - so does this mean that if its not properly engaged the top assembly will want to turn when grinding until the locking mechaism clicks in - this actually may not be a problem on my grinder because the adjustment is so stiff!


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    Re: nemox grinder

    Grinding with the setting between holes will cause the burr to move and lock in the coarser of the settings.

    I made a little aluminum stopper that sits in the slot where the adjustment lever slides up and down and it is held in place by the locking pin. It locks the outer teeth that are used for the worm drive adjuster so I get about 2.5 times finer adjustment than with the normal stops + I can still use the normal stops as well.

    Most of the time I just use the normal stop point and fiddle with my dosing to get the timing right - my dosing isnt so precise as to be perfect on the 1st try so it gives me an indication of whether I need to make a grind adjustment or just a dosing change (unless I happen to nail it 1st time).


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    Re: nemox grinder

    Another suggestion I have read about, is to grind half the beans at one setting and then change the setting and grind the other half of the beans to try and give an equivalent overall effect of grinding somewhere between the two stops.

    But Kaanage, your aluminium stopper unit sound like the trick for anyone who wants to get the most out of one of these units.

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