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Thread: Knocking Rocky - Please Help!

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    Knocking Rocky - Please Help!

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    Hi all,

    Ive had a Rocky grinder for a year or so and it makes a horrible knocking noise when on. Enought so it shakes and moves around on the bench! Youll see what I mean if you see the video! Ive pulled the burrs apart and cleaned it all. There are definately no stones (in the burrs anyway). Strangely it doesnt happen when its on its side? I figured maybe bearings or an electrical interruption? *Any ideas before I send it across the country?


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    Re: Knocking Rocky - Please Help!

    1: Where are you located ?

    2: Where are you intending to send.

    Sounds like a mechanical issue; but like many things, one needs to really have hands on.

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