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Thread: M4 set up confusion/frustration

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    M4 set up confusion/frustration

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    I have searched the forum and the net generally and can only find a couple of references to my query, hoping for some more detailed comments here maybe from some M4 owners/sellers having had or heard of similar experience, thanks.

    After picking up an M4 Stepless last week I proceeded to unpack/read instructions/set up.

    The instructions seemed very brief and basic essentially saying grind some beans and adjust the grind and do it with the motor running!

    When I first powered it up and switched it on nothing happened after looking around for some other switches I went back to the instructions ....mmm no help there!

    After some head scratching I adjusted the grind setting coarser and the motor activated. Although I had beans in the hopper they werent being ground so I kept dialling a coarser grind until they were.

    From here I continued to adjust the grind according to the results from a few shots and on one occasion took the grind so fine that the noise of the grinder changed and the beans were not grinding (quickly backed off!).

    I have since read that Macap ship their grinders set to the finest grind which amounts to the burr blades touching I guess. I would have thought it would be worth mentioning that in the manual!

    Question: could this process have damaged anything? :(

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    Re: M4 set up confusion/frustration

    hello press1 and welcome

    Have a look at

    Dose consistently and then adjust your grinder to create the required pour. Unless you put the burrs together and then left the grinder running fpr a long period essentially seized, you have done no damage.

    You may want to look for some training to assist you with grinder theory.

    Good luck


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    Re: M4 set up confusion/frustration

    Thanks 2mcm I will study the videos and yes I am getting some training.

    I have just upgraded to the M4/Silvia and getting some decent pours. Getting the hang of temp. surfing too the Silvia is an interesting little beast....not as if I wasnt warned.

    The quality in the cup is a whole new level when I get it right though so enjoying the process. Thanks again.

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