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Thread: Faema A6 small issues

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    Faema A6 small issues

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    Hello all, Ive just bought a Faema A6 which was included in the purchase of my Rancilio S26. It did not come with any instructions or manual, so here I am asking questions. The black plastic part that holds the clear plastic hopper up has a small piece that should press on a recessed button on the top of the grinder body. This little piece has broken off, so my question is, how long is this little plastic protrusion sticking into the body of the grinder to switch it on? Also, on a side note, what do I use to clean the clear plastic on the hopper and the doser? They are quite brown.

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    Re: Faema A6 small issues

    Hi babylon you can by pass the micro switch and to clean the coffee oil I use to use mr mussle spray it on a rag and wipe with a wet rag that if you dont want to pull it apart.Good luck

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