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Thread: help with new grinder

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    help with new grinder

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    After a bay of evil experience that ended in an early retirement, I am now back to my original sunbeam grinder, some people never learn. Its time to ask for advice, I want a doserless grinder, Mahlkonig Vario would be something to consider, but I just dont like the feel of it, I mean it weighs 3 kg...That has nothing to do with quality or anything but still. Going up the ladder what would be the next step. And here you answer it is a personal thing, I know, but lets narrow it down to grind quality only. To see results in the cup where do I end up? I am also not much of an upgrader so the one I buy now I want to do the job for time to come.
    thx for your help

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    Re: help with new grinder


    You gets what you pays for!

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    Re: help with new grinder

    Quote Originally Posted by 2E3126357170470 link=1288743705/0#0 date=1288743705
    but I just dont like the feel of it, I mean it weighs 3 kg...
    So you have actually tried and tested said unit ?

    Big or heaver is not always better.

    If it is that personal for you.. Go and visit a sponsor or two and try all their grinders - Otherwise it will be a lost cause and just more disappointment.

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