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Thread: Grinder Servicing Discussion

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    Grinder Servicing Discussion

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I think CoffeeSnobs would all agree that a good grinder is a principle asset that is required to make a good coffee, yet I think more emphasis is still placed on the brewing equipment rather than the grinder. For example, we are careful to descale, replace seals, etc. and will often pay to have it done professionally. Though when it comes to the grinder I dont think much is done apart from the odd clean out or replacement of burrs and usually done by the owner.

    Though how do you know if your grinder is spitting out too many fines, if its really time to replace those burrs, or if in fact theres a sweet spot for dialling in your favourite beans?

    Weve just made a rather hefty investment in some laboratory grade equipment that will provide definitive answers to those questions, and Im curious to know if you feel it could be a service made available to CSers. The process takes about 90 minutes to complete from start to finish and best analysis results require 100gm of ground coffee, so those costs would need to be recovered.

    What are your thoughts and comments about all this?

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    Re: Grinder Servicing Discussion

    Im sure there are enough discerning snobs here to generate interest. Its got me interested but would like to know a bit more about the testing and likely cost.

    Id like to know the condition of my burrs but I think Ive already worked out the sweet spot on my Mini to the point where my first guess usually provides the correct grind.

    Is it only worthwhile testing the more expensive range of grinders? I guess the charge for a 90 minute test would help with that decision.

    Would it matter what sort of beans you use: *fresh/stale, roast depth, soft or hard? I wouldnt necessarily sacrifice my best beans in the name of science.

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    Re: Grinder Servicing Discussion

    Hi Steve

    There are a number of grinders available that are almost, if not, identically priced. For me, it would be worthwhile knowing which one produces a better grind quality. Will it translate into the cup? Im not sure, but as with cooking, if you start with better ingredients youre more likely to produce a better dish.

    Yes, I think its certainly something that would be focussed on the high-end grinders, though I cant resist finding out what the results are using the Breville Smart Grinder.

    As for cost, Im not quite sure yet, though am thinking along the lines of 50% (circa $50) of whatever the actual cost is for grinders under $1500 that are purchased from me, and at zero cost for someone who is purchasing a more expensive grinder.

    Running the test when the grinder is new will ensure that its working as it should, and provide reference data for the life of the grinder. And yes, there is geek value too!

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    Re: Grinder Servicing Discussion

    Personally there would have to be some sort of value there.

    this would depend on the cost of replacing the burs and the price of the test.

    if it was a $50 test to tell me I need to spend $50 on burs it seems just as sensible to replace them.

    Geek value is nice but really once the grinder is set will the test change the taste of the coffee?

    to compare different brands of grinders it may be interesting

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    Re: Grinder Servicing Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by 313A3B0A3B343C273B550 link=1291616646/3#3 date=1292160335
    to compare different brands of grinders it may be interesting
    I think youre quite right....the comparison is what may interest most people.

    Thanks for the input!

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