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Thread: Kony-e vs K30

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    Kony-e vs K30

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    I am seeking advice/opinions on the relative merits of both Mazzer Kony E and the Mahlkonig K30 (Vario) for use as a dedicated espresso grinder in a low/medium duty cafe application.

    The Kony seems to have a loyal following here, but less so the K30, I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who has used both, particularly in a commercial sense.

    I am primarily interested in the consistency and ease of use qualities(dosing, grind retention, clumping, static etc), more so than the old conical vs flat burr chestnut - if that helps ;).

    I am also aware that there is a price difference which may work against the K30, but I am more interested in the technical discussion at this point.

    All feedback would be appreciated.


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    Re: Kony-e vs K30

    Ive used both the old K30 and the new twin K30. The old K30 sucks - clumpy, static and just a terrible grinder all around. The new Twin k30 performs much better - with less static and clumping, in the limited time Ive used them for competition.

    The Kony-E would be my choice of grinder if money wasnt an issue. For low/med cafe usage, the Kony-E would made the perfect dedicated espresso grinder. Many cafes in fact put up 2, 3, 4 Roburs for espresso when the volume being output through them only justifies a Super Jolly or Major at best.

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    Re: Kony-e vs K30

    I have sent a PM to you

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