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Thread: EM 0480 grind settings?

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    EM 0480 grind settings?

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    Ive been playing with the grind settings on my sunbeam for months now. Ive pretty much found exactly where it needs to be, only problem is it only sits in that position for about 30 minutes (not actually timed) before it gets too fine. If i go up to just above grind setting 10 and grind for a shot i get a 15second double, if i back it down to where its ideal, between 9 and 10, i get a 27 second 55ml shot that tastes absolutely amazing.

    Problem is i come back later in the day, or the next day, and grind again without touching anything, i get a 25 second 30ml~ shot that tastes ok, but its always too bitter. This is from a double basket b y the way. Nothing in the setup changes, the grind just gets finer on its own. If i move the setting up to ideal its still too fine. i have to go up to 10 then back it back down to get it perfect.

    I modded the EM0480 with a few layers of masking tape to tighten it up which worked a treat (as shown somewhere on this forum). Im thinking that the tape is giving it enough tension to keep at the setting i want but over time the grinder reverts to its natural position.

    The grinder doesnt have a setting for what i want and im forced to go in between, which only works for one shot until it goes to hell. Am i screwed with this grinder? I think a K3 is calling me, which i really cant afford, especially this time of year :(

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    Re: EM 0480 grind settings?

    Have seen this when the TOP burr is not seated correctly and OR when beans have been left in teh hopper..

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