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Thread: non-messy Grinder for office

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    non-messy Grinder for office

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I "generously" lent my ECM Giotto and Best Grinder to my office for a few weeks, in the hope that my boss might be convinced to invest in some coffee equipment. Well, it seems to have worked, only, the mess that the ECM Best (With Doser) grinder produced is less than desirable. Are there any decent grinders out there for $400-$600 that produce significantly less mess. Would a doserless grinder with a long chute be better? or would we have to get one of the cheaper grinders that grind into a container and then scoop it out?

    Alternatively, are they any decent (non-automatic) espresso machines with built-in grinder for under $3000?

    FYI the office has 13 staff, all of which have 2-3 coffees per day (latte, FW, espresso etc)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: non-messy Grinder for office

    All grinders are "messy" it goes with the territory.

    I favour doser grinders over DoserLess, its just a personal thing and whatever you get used to.

    Some grinders throw to the left more than others. A good example of two grinders pitched at the same market with same level of performance and quality, that differ noticeably in this regard are the Mini Mazzer, and the Macap M4 where.....the mini throws to the left more than the M4 so could be technically termed as being more messy. But as always it is up to the individual and what they get used to.

    Live with a small paint brush and every operator should be brushing their spilled grinds away after each and every use. So I would say it is more in the operator training & understanding than the equipment.

    Sticking strictly within the price bracket you mention, the best grinder I know of would be the Eureka Mignon either in doserless or doser form. Either way, go the brush and training.

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    Re: non-messy Grinder for office

    Horses for courses hey Attilio? ;)

    I love using a doser, but acknowledge many are not prepared to learn how to free dose and most here are not keen on a doser full of ground coffee going stale. These days, I seem to be using doserless more often: Kony-E at home and at work and Robur-E/K10 Fresh at work.

    dcalde, a timed doserless grinder will do the job and most likely with less mess for the workers who are paid to do their jobs, not waste time at the espresso machine...

    The Compak K3T will suit, but its timer function is a tad clunky.

    A Macap M4D is much faster and very accurate and will most likely be cleaner, but will exceed your budget. I think it would be a better match.

    If its about the coffee, youd be better to keep the machine and grinder seperate. Expobar do a combined unit.



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    Re: non-messy Grinder for office

    As much as I wouldnt get anything but doserless for home, if you have 13 people having 2-3 coffees per day, thats at least 20 coffees per day.

    In that environment, Id get something with a doser for sure, as the stale beans in the doser chamber shouldnt really matter that much, as someone else will be along to pull another shot within minutes after. Just make sure noone goes crazy and fills the doser chamber in one grind. By going doserless, I cant see it going any way other than more mess.

    Also, just remember a lot of offices people are happy with instant, or Nespresso, or preground coffee, so whatever you get is still going to be better than 99% of offices anyway. I was in an office the other day and they had an Expobar machine with milk CAKED on the steam wand, along with a preground brick of coffee sitting open in an uninsulated shed around farm chemicals. They offered me a coffee....Dont let your office become like this at any cost!

    Alternatively, just get something like a Dyson DC16 and put it next to the machine to make sure everyone cleans up (though that extra cost could go towards a neater grinder).

    With all that said though, in most offices Ive worked in, the staff cant even work out how to keep a toilet remotely clean between professional it just all depends on the attitude of the staff.

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    Re: non-messy Grinder for office

    Yeah--its the attitude and care that will make the difference in the end.

    Unfortunately it only takes one or two to bring the whole enterprise down with a crash!

    Been there. *A couple of staff who didnt pay their share and/or didnt clean up=one unholy, expensive mess. --The commercial company who took over from my volunteer efforts just *removed their equipment*, so for most, its back to instant!


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    Re: non-messy Grinder for office

    I used to leave my grinder on the kitchen bench at work to save me carrying it to and from my desk, until one day I found someone had tried to regrind some pre-ground.

    I figured it was either someone with permission to use it who hadnt listened to my instructions or worse, someone using it without my permission (my name plastered all over it).

    So I took it back to my desk and replaced it with a large notice pointing out that some unknown thug had spoilt it for everyone else.

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    Re: non-messy Grinder for office

    Thank you for all your replies and sorry for not replying earlier, I didnt have post notification via email enabled.

    I have since spoken to (?) at Espresso Company Australia to enquire about ECM Best vs Doserless. His comments suggested what I had hoped for... that the doserless ECM/ECA/Anfim, due its long chute, combined with a dark/oily roast *should* be fairly clean. He also mentioned that the ECM Best is one of the cleaner Dosing grinders available. If one of you has a similar experience with the ECM or any other doserless grinder, I would be very grateful for any confirmation.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1E2B26211509252C2C2F2F4A0 link=1293597757/2#2 date=1293598402
    The Compak K3T will suit, but its timer function is a tad clunky.A Macap M4D is much faster and very accurate and will most likely be cleaner, but will exceed your budget. I think it would be a better match.
    Chris, the Macap is definitively not in the budget. How would you compare the ECA KS vs the Compak K3T concerning messiness? The reason I am asking is that they are in the same price class, but with the Kompak having a shorter and plastic (more static) chute, thus, in my mind, making it more likely to throw the grinds all over the benchtop.

    Quote Originally Posted by 3827253F26332425324A0 link=1293597757/3#3 date=1293600955
    Also, just remember a lot of offices people are happy with instant, or Nespresso, ....
    Richard, that is true, and personally I wouldnt mind having a Nespresso in the office, but I am less then impressed by the milk it produces. And regarding instant coffee.... really?! I thought this was coffeesnobs ;)



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