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Thread: Some tentative questions from a complete grinder newbie

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    Some tentative questions from a complete grinder newbie

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    Hi everyone,
    I recently got a grinder for Christmas (Sunbeam EMO450) and am slowly improving with it - so far the grind for espresso isnt anything like the suggested number, but Im working my way down to what should hopefully work fairly consistently (allowing for weather - I guess Ill have to see how much difference that makes). Im enjoying the touch button - it actually doesnt take any more (or at least, it only takes a tiny bit more) time to grind fresh than it does to try and scoop out of the bag without spilling *grounds everywhere.

    The manual says the hopper should always be filled to the top to ensure consistent pressure. Im a little sceptical about this - how heavy are coffee beans? - but it also isnt practical for me at the moment. Ive only had my coffee machine for a small amount of time and am starting to explore different brands of beans, trying one small bag at a time and using up one before going to the next. I assume it is Ok to ignore this principle. Is it?

    And a complete newbie-ish question: can I leave my beans in the hopper after using? I would normally keep my beans in the bag they come from, rolled as tightly as possible to decrease the air in there, but it would save time if I could just leave them in the hopper - its SO easy to just press the button and go. I figure if I was to keep them in an airtight jar, eventually the amount of air contact in there would be pretty much equivalent to that in my l hopper anyhow. And even though Im trying to restict myself to a cup a day, the bags dont seem to last too long at all, so they dont have THAT much time to go stale.

    Am I spoling my coffee through being lazy? (Regarding light, my grinder is in a dark corner, so direct sun isnt a problem and even ambient light is lacking a bit.)

    Any comments would be appreciated. And apologies if all of that was hopelessly, hopelessly newbie-ish.

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    Re: Some tentative questions from a complete grinder newbie

    Welcome Catsnstuff. You ask some good questions. It is worth using the search function to do some reading as there are very few questions that havent been asked and answered many times previously.

    If you only put enough beans in the hopper for a dose, the beans can tend to jump around like pop corn which can lead to an incosistent grind. Some people have got around this but putting a weight on top of the beans in the hopper.

    The best way to store beans is in a coffee bag with a one way valve. Some have zip-locks for resealing, otherwise I use a clip to reseal once opened, being careful not to conceal the one-way valve.

    The hopper is not the best place to store your beans, they will deteriorate faster in there. In general beans are best between 4-14 days after roasting.

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    Re: Some tentative questions from a complete grinder newbie

    Hi Caffeine Junky,
    Thanks very much for your reply. It had completely slipped my mind that I could search! (I had scanned the first page of grinder topics). Found some good info - thanks.

    The weight sounds a really interesting idea. We happen to have our rice next to the coffee machine, so perhaps well give it a go.

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