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Thread: Summer humidity and Grinders

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    Summer humidity and Grinders

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    Hi All, currently using a EM0480 with a broken paddle, while I wait for a replacement machine. (Will be selling the replacement) and put the $ toward a compac K3T I am thinking, have to fit in a visit to Jetblack Espresso to get some hands on with the grinders. Anyway, regardless of the broken paddle is anyone else having more clumping and cloged chutes with this humid weather at the moment? Im on the Central Coast 1hour north of Sydney.

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    Re: Summer humidity and Grinders

    Oooo Ive noticed more CC and Newies coming out of the woodwork lately :) I cant help with the question as I use a hand grinder but just wanted to say hello :D

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    Re: Summer humidity and Grinders

    Funny you mention that Shapeshifter, I have an Aeropress and Hario on the way from our great sponsers. Cant wait to try a hand grinder.

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