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Thread: Micrometric Vs Non Micrometric??

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    Micrometric Vs Non Micrometric??

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    Sorry if this has been covered to death, but I couldnt get the answers I was looking for in the search. Im looking to upgrade my EM048, I think i have decided on a Compak K3Touch. I understand the difference between stepped and stepless. So what does micrometric and non micrometric mean?

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    Re: Micrometric Vs Non Micrometric??

    Effectively in the context of what you are asking, StepLESS and Micrometric mean the same thing in that they are NOT stepped adjusters and can be stopped anywhere around the arc of the adjuster.

    Just that with classic "stepless" you move the adjuster ring around by your hand and it just stays where you put it, whilst the micrometric has a "worm" drive that you turn, and it engages into the teeth of the adjuster ring and that is how the adjuster ring is moved around.....

    Someone might have to simplify that explanation for me.

    DO NOT be concerned by the discussions that always say that stepless is better than stepped. They never seem to take into consideration that this is not so with cafe sized grinders that CS people like to buy. It is only really relevant in the cheap grinder end of the market where the steps really are large.....

    IE the more money you spend, the less important becomes the stepped VS stepless discussion.

    The K3T is a nice grinder and is "classic" stepless as in not micrometric but you can place the adjuster anywhere you like.

    Hope this helps.

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