I picked up a used BB105 and gave it a run this morning, I guess it is the equivalent of a super jolly based roughly on specs.

Anyone using one of these? Made any mods to it? Got any pics without the tamp unit etc?

IMO doser sweeps cleaner than the SJ but the distance between the doser and the GH forks is a bit to small and it is a bit hard to "see" the dose and the grinds can be obstructed a bit on a up-dose.

I removed the spring tamper.

I am thinking i will remove the whole tamping *unit and consider modding the forks (or flipping them?) and giving it a go.

I prefer the look (and the doser) of the Mazzer but these seem a pretty good unit from the couple of good shots i have made after setting it up.
Sadly its missing the grinds tray