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Thread: Rocky Mod: Mission Report

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    Rocky Mod: Mission Report

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ok, this may not be everyones solution, but it seems to be worth reporting back to Mission Control. The problem started with excessive jamming of beans in the Rocky chute; so after posting the issue, I removed the plastic spreader. This looks like jamming will not occur anywhere near as often. New problem: the screw recesses trap beans, meaning you either risk a few stale beans dropping into a fresh grind, or you have to get a longish object and sweep them away. New mission: to go where no man has dared...I used blue tack to get an imprint of the screw recess, then cutout some winged washers from an alfoil dog food container (My Dog brand - the alfoil is thicker). Ive reassembled and cant see how beans can be trapped. The images are firstly of the trapped beans in recess, the three alfoil washers (sorry about blur) and the final assembly. Does this get me into the Rocky Mod Hall of Fame? or has it been done better before?

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    Re: Rocky Mod: Mission Report final image

    Dont know how to upload multiple images so here is the final modified pic.

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    Re: Rocky Mod: Mission Report

    Here is a pic of the three washers.

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    Re: Rocky Mod: Mission Report

    Gday Richard....

    Re: attaching multiple files to a post...

    In the attached image, youll notice Ive highlighted a Header called "Attachments +" - Just click on the + sign prior to attaching additional images or other acceptable file types up to a maximum of 5 per post.

    All the best mate,

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