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Thread: Lost Collet from Hario Skerton

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    Lost Collet from Hario Skerton

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    Hey there

    Ive lost the collet washer/disk on my Hario Skerton...the part that determines the grind.

    Any ideas on where i could get a replacement part or is there a generic version I could get from a hardware store?


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    Re: Lost Collet from Hario Skerton

    Oops :( apart from getting someone here to accurately measure one up and make/hack one together (Aluminium or brass will be easiest to work with) you are a bit sunk as i have never seen anyone in the world selling spares for these.

    Outside chance maybe try St Ali as they have been importing Hario for about the longest in australia so you may get lucky and score one from a return or a junk bin.

    good luck :)

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