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Thread: Grinder for otto

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    Grinder for otto

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    Hi folks,
    I have had an otto machine for about 3 months now and am enjoying the daily ritual of using it and the coffee it produces. I am now wanting to purchase a grinder in order to maximise its potential. I have been looking at an isomac professionale, a rancilio rocky and a mahlkonig vario. The price for the vario does seem a lot and I am wondering if anyone can advise on an appropriate grinder that will allow me to get the best from the otto without overkill. Will I notice the difference between the results from the isomac and the vario?

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    Re: Grinder for otto

    All three on your short list will Do a fine job. Buy the one that you try out and like the best. Very astute short list... well done and good luck!

    P.s I often run all three of my grinders side by side and the only difference I experience from top to bottom is convenience... The lux (similar to Isomac) grinds a surprisingly sweet shot!

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    Re: Grinder for otto

    I have now bought a breville bcg800 smart grinder after reading reviews on this site. Seems pretty good so far and grinds fine enough for my otto.

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