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Thread: Sunbeam 0480 burr/blade replacement_problema

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    Sunbeam 0480 burr/blade replacement_problema

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    Just replaced parts. Noticed that the fit seems more interference than kiss, when the conical burr assembly seats in the blade outer assembly. Quite tight to push in.
    I cannot see it rise and fall with click adjustment, which I can see with the old blades.
    Even though Ive taken great care to make sure protrusions line up with their seats.
    One surprise, though it shouldnt have been, was the left-hand thread on the burr securing nut. TG I thought of it.
    Any thoughts on this? Just seems like the tolerances on the hard plastic housing of the new part are not fine enough for it to fit the outer on the machine. :-/
    About to put old parts back in. Not happy, Jan.

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    Re: Sunbeam EM0480 burr/blade replacement_problema

    Am going to shim slightly this evening, having replaced the old burr set. Got a petty good crema/taste out this morning, but on finest setting, so no leeway.
    I have emailed online supplier of new burr set, asking what the situation is with their being able to send back to Sunbeam with a note about my problem. Will probably have an answer tonight. Would appreciate any feedback on replacing burr set in an EM0480, even boringly uneventful ones. ::)

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    Re: Sunbeam 0480 burr/blade replacement_problema

    Seeing as no-one seems to have experienced similar problems, am posting an update.
    Took one of the 2 shims out, replaced it with a home shim of approx twice the thickness of the supplied/onboard one. So have effectively added about 50%. Now getting pretty fine grind at about 9 on the scale. Full test tomorrow morn...
    Have a dud-part resolution going on between part supplier/me/Sunbeam. Await developments.
    Regretting assuming I needed a new burr set. With hindsight, current adjustment may have sufficed for some time.
    This may be of benefit to someone else with an EM0480.

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