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Thread: Rocky got screwed

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    Rocky got screwed

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    I dont know how this could have happened. As I was grinding away yesterday, Rocky kicked and made an awful sound. I knew there was something in there that shouldnt be there. I thought it may have been a stone. I unplugged Rocky, tipped it upside down, amongst the remaining beans that came out was a screw that looked a bit mangled. :o

    Now when I grind at the same setting as I previously did, the pour comes gushing out. Anyone have tips on how I could get it back to normal? I have opened and vacuumed and inspected the burrs and they look fine.

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    Re: Rocky got screwed

    Im not familiar with how that grinder is built, but Im guessing that the screw belongs somewhere in the grinder. Thats probably the reason its not grinding properly. Try taking it apart as much as youre confortable with and see if you can locate where the screw might go. Later!

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    Re: Rocky got screwed

    I dont think its a screw from the grinder, its a screw that holds PCI cards into a computer case, I have just recently built a pc, so Im guessing its from that, but how it got into the hopper I have no idea!

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    Re: Rocky got screwed


    The top burr might have unscrewed a bit. Hopefully that is the issue.

    There is a great Rocky Cleaning guide on coffeegeek which goes through the process step by step with pics.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Rocky got screwed

    Thanks Brett. CG was down last night, but worked today. I followed the reassembly instructions and its grinding fine now. I wasnt putting it back together properly (aligning it correctly with the numbers).

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