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Thread: Hand Grinder

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    Hand Grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ive just ordered a Sunbeam EM4800C espresso machine, and now Im wondering about grinders. Previously Ive just been drinking plunger and Moka pot coffee, and I have been using a very old hand manual grinder. It seemed to do the job just fine and could produced, in my opinion, a nice cup of coffee. I never knew that I could actually alter the grind until a couple of weeks ago, until I actually had a look inside and saw there is a little knob to turn to alter the distance between the two grinding pieces (sorry I dont know the terminology). Being a poor uni student, I wondered whether I could use this grinder for my espresso machine, so I put the grinder on the finest setting and tested it on some beans. Ive attached a picture of the resulting ground coffee, and also a picture of the grinder. Would this grind be good enough to make an espresso with? Or is it to large/inconsistent/something else?

    Thanks ;D

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    Re: Hand Grinder

    Way to coarse for espresso. I dont like using the sand size because sand can be different sizes, but definitely on its way down from there anyway.

    Hand grinders that will be able to do the job, cost from around $88 delivered, Kyocera, Hario etc.

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    Re: Hand Grinder

    Something akin to the fineness of table salt is about the closest fit, Id say - With respect to comparing with commonly available substances... ;)


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    Re: Hand Grinder

    Really you can only give it a try.

    the coffee will not feel very rough to touch with your fingers but with your tongue and the roof of your mouth it will feel a bit gritty but not sharp.

    your coffee doesnt have to be perfect to be better than what most people drink.

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    Re: Hand Grinder

    Cool. Thanks for the replies! ;) Ill probably go for a more reliable hand grinder then! :)

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