Hi all,
My second post, so go easy on me...
Having a slight dilemma deciding between these two entry level grinders which are within my budget...any advice from users of either would be much appreciated.
I have a Gaggia Classic and Rancilio MD50 grinder currently – so I am in fact trying to downgrade from the Rancilio grinder (I know I may regret this but its just too much of a monster to have in the kitchen!).
I have read through all the threads here on the Breville smart grinder as well as doing my research on the Lelit PL53.* Basically, my main concern with the Breville is how fine the step adjustments really are.* I have read that there are extra steps between the digital readouts but are we still talking about finite steps or is it a continuous infinite adjustment?* Can you realistically achieve a change of say only 2-3 seconds in shot time with the minimal available adjustment?
I would have gone with the Lelit Pl53 except for the fact that every now and then I do a stove top grind, and the Lelit (or most other similar worm drive adjustable grinders) just cant be adjusted practically.* *If I get this grinder I may need to keep another ‘coarse’ cheap grinder around the place.* So thats the main drawback.
The Breville also has some very attractive extra functionality...
So thats it in a nutshell, interested in any pros and cons from others on the two grinders.