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Thread: Grind setting for plunger?

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    Grind setting for plunger?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have a neighbour who wants to sample my roasted coffee but only has a plunger.
    I have a rocky that is set at around 9 for my silvia- what would be an acceptable setting for a plunger?
    Any comments on the procedure for this way of coffeeing would be appreciated as it will make me look knowledgable :-/

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    Re: Grind setting for plunger?

    Plundger grind has the texture of Sand, a little courser than Sand... you can actually feel the grains more than the espresso grind... trial and error....

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    Re: Grind setting for plunger?

    We have a Gaggia MDF usually set to 4 for espresso.

    My wife takes a plunger to work, and after some experimentation has the
    grinder set to 21 for plunger. There are 44 settings on the grinder.

    Good advice for using one is at
    * *
    It works -- especially the stirring!

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    Re: Grind setting for plunger?

    Try 30 or 35, maybe. Thats about what I use.

    In terms of amounts of coffee to use and steep times, you can really fool around with it to get the result that you want. For example, if you want to make your plunger brew really intense and with less acidity, you can "dose up" and steep for less time. Dont over-think it!



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