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Thread: Gaggia MDF vs New Sunbeam

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    Gaggia MDF vs New Sunbeam

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Okay, I need a new grinder (my arm is getting sore from the hand cranker!) and am tossing up between these two. I can get both for the sameish price.

    MDF has good rep, and has been around for a while. The only problem is that it is ugly, and the wife wont let me keep it out on the bench if I get one. Also not so keen on the doser.

    Sunbeam looks snazzy, is nice and compact and has no doser.

    The sunbeam is getting good reviews, but how far behind the MDF is it in terms of steped adjustments and grind is it, if at all?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Gaggia MDF vs New Sunbeam

    Dont know about the Sunbeam, but we like our MDF, which weve had for
    years without problem. We had it checked out when we bought our new machine:
    all it needed was cleaning.

    The doser works quite well. We grind exactly what we need each time; the doser sweeps
    it all out effectively. Also, its reasonably easier to get into the chute and extract any
    grinds that didnt come out. FWIW, Ive read that doserless grinders can be messy in
    scattering grinds around, whereas the doser catches them.

    Weve adjusted technique to work with two grind settings, and get consistent extractions
    (my wife actually uses only one, and adjusts in other ways).

    Also, its built like a tank. Wouldnt want to drop it in my toe.

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    Re: Gaggia MDF vs New Sunbeam

    Ditto what hazbean has said.

    It isnt the prettiest grinder, but Ive had my MDF for 14 years and it hasnt missed a beat, so I cant complain.

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    Re: Gaggia MDF vs New Sunbeam

    Thanks guys, I am leaning towards the MDF now. +1 for the no mess aspect of the doser- I didnt even think of that!
    Ive been reading the other thread about the sunbeam and it seems to get a bit messy.
    Just got to seek approval now......

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