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Thread: Help regarding Mazzer electronic grinder

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    Help regarding Mazzer electronic grinder

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    I have a Mazzer electronic grinder. Today i took it apart to give it a very good clean out.

    Now the issue im not having is the part were you change the grind wont go back in. For the life on me i wouldnt have a clue why. I have cleaned it to perfection. All it does is turn about 2-3cm in than stops.

    I have attached pictures just so you get a better understanding of what im talking about.

    If you could help it would be much appreciated.

    with everything taken out

    with the last part inserted

    with the grind part inserted. When turned to fully insert it only moves 2-3cms. This is the part were im stuck on.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Help regarding Mazzer electronic grinder

    Take everything apart again, make sure the threads on both parts are spotlessly clean, and try very carefully to screw on the adjustment collar (chrome part with the black lever) WITHOUT the grind part installed. If this works and you can screw the collar all the way in, remove it and try again with everything installed. If not, the threads on the aluminium part might be damaged and I would advise getting in some expert help before more damage is done.

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    Re: Help regarding Mazzer electronic grinder

    First, clean ALL of the rest of the coffee out of the threads. Use a rag dampened BUT NOT DRIPPING with some cleaner. Even a weak solution of espresso machine cleaner. Use a toothbrush and a microfiber rag. Do both the body and the carrier. Remove the springs (they lift out) and clean the coffee out of there as well. Dry thoroughly(!) and put a VERY light coat of light grease in the first 3 or 4 mm of threads of the body. RUb it into the threads to et it evenly distributed. Do the same for the face of the adjuster ring where it rides on the burr carrier. After getting the threads started, PRESS DOWN on the carrier as you screw it in. This relieves the pressure on the threads exerted by the springs.

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    Re: Help regarding Mazzer electronic grinder

    ..and the collar screws on anticlockwise - the opposite of most threaded components.
    You should be able to see any thread damage if it is there.

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    Re: Help regarding Mazzer electronic grinder

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    I looked at it and there was no thread damage so im hoping as randy g suggested some light grease will help solve the problem.

    Will let you know how i go.

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