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Thread: Macap M4 Doser- How to wiegh the shots?

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    Macap M4 Doser- How to wiegh the shots?

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    In my quest for a second grinder I am considering a Macap M4 doser grinder. I prefer to weigh my shots, so I grind into a plastic drinking cup. Then, after getting the correct weight I want I will sprinkle the coffee grinds/clumps into the PF.

    If I get the Macap M4 doser, will there be enough room on the bottom to place the plastic drinking cup underneath? And if not, how would I go about weighing the dose without having to pop out the PF basket every time? The PF itself is to heavy for the gram scale.

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    Re: Macap M4 Doser- How to wiegh the shots?

    If there is not enough room under the doser--cut the cup down! You only need room for 20 grams or so.

    If you are not going to use the doser--how about an M4D doserless?


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    Re: Macap M4 Doser- How to wiegh the shots?

    I am with Greg. You would be better to choose a doserless grinder. The Compak K3P will do the job for you. Bonus of the M4D is that the digital timer is very accurate and I suspect you would find that a timed grind would allow you to dispense with your drinking cup altogether.



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    Re: Macap M4 Doser- How to wiegh the shots?

    I have a Macap M5 doser and weigh my beans before grinding.
    20g in - 20g out.

    No need for a plastic cup at all.

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